Dr. Vergillio is amazing. He is by far my favorite Doctor and such a great guy.

Furthermore, the staff at your facility far exceeds the expectation of any surgical center. Having had several procedures over many years, the staff’s professionalism and kindness has been consistent and is certainly appreciated, especially when one is having these types of procedures.

Keep up the good work! You guys are the best!


I found the staff at CJ Ambulatory Surgical Center to be solicitous and caring from the person at the front desk to the nurses and techs. All demonstrated their expertise. They were especially compassionate about a personal “side effect” I was feeling due to prep. I was provided comforting lidocaine gel. After I rested from anesthesia, I was escorted to Dr Lee for a briefing about my colonoscopy findings. A follow up appt was scheduled on the spot. I was escorted everywhere I needed to go and was not left alone. I was also watched in the restroom when I felt dizzy. When all was finished, I was escorted to the front desk after again verifying that I had someone to drive me home. The front desk person also verified I had a ride and asked me to wait in a chair inside the facility until my ride came in. All the way around, i felt comfortable with the professionals around me and the coming procedure. I would happily recommend the surgical center. I hope my comments will become part of other reviews about the surgical center.

Best regards, Lois Clarke


“I am one of the first hundred patients at Digestive HealthCare.  They have taken the best care of me.  About 16 years ago, Dr. Accurso found stomach cancer in the early stages by being so vigilant watching an ulcer, because of that he saved my life.”


“I am a person who appreciates attention to detail and I want you to know that I noticed and appreciated the attitude, the TV’s, the magazines in the exam rooms, the signs saying you care about what I think, the smiles, the laughs and the request from the staff if I wanted a blanket or a magazine while I waited for my procedure? These extra efforts from the staff are unusual in the medical world and I want to make sure that you know that we the poor patients notice and appreciate these little things. The nurses in pre-op and post-op were exceptional-they give nursing a good name.”


“Thank you Dr. Greaves and staff for your outstanding job performing my colonoscopy. I have found your office and surgical center to be a very pleasant and comfortable place to have a procedure. It was a pleasure dealing with Dr. Ruda and then Joanne in the recovery room.” 


“I would trust my life to Dr. Accurso, it made such a difference to me that he was able to put my mind at ease.”


“Your flexible payment plan gave me peace of mind, thank you.”


“I have recommended Dr. Barghash and your facility to several friends as a result of your special caring of anyone who comes in.”


“Staff is friendly, courteous, respectful and professional.”


“Dr. Gingold is great and I cannot recommend your center enough!”


“The entire procedure was most professional and excellent.”


“Dr. Greaves and staff were courteous and professional.”


“Very comfortable, very impressed with ease of check-in and registration. Dr. Ciambotti is great!”


“This is a very comfortable facility, staff was the best!”


“Dr. Ciambotti was great!”


“Dr. Vergilio and staff are wonderful!”


“All of your nurses were amazing. Dr. Gingold so thorough!”


“Everyone comfortable and friendly.”


“The whole thing was prompt, on time and professional, while being courteous and friendly.”


“Sandy, who called me to follow up on the procedure was absolutely great! She explained all my questions. Everyone was great from Maggie to Sheenagh.”


“The facility is very clean and attractive.”


“Your office is so excellent it doesn’t seem like a doctors office. Great place!”


“Working in the medical field makes you more sensitive to personnel and procedures. I must say that you surpassed all my expectations, I’m very grateful.”


“A quality team providing excellent service.”


“Excellent overall staff, friendly, helpful as well as professional. Anesthesiologist was outstanding.”


“I have only good things to say about everyone.”


“Office and surgical center first rate! Everyone courteous, pleasant and takes any additional time to reassure patient even though they were very busy.”